Exception raised while validating admin name

20-Aug-2017 09:35

Hello People, I am trying to connect to Active Directory through j NDI and i keep getting the following error. Authentication Exception: [LDAP: error code 49 - 80090308: Ldap Err: DSID-0C09030B, comment: Accept Security Context error, data 525, v893 The following is my Dir Context settings env.put(Context. If you are trying to connect to AD the best method is to bind using s AMAccount [email protected]

I saw a lot of people asking hte same question, but no one ever put the solution they found. as the user instead of the standard full DN HTH So I am not so good with the java - but I would imagine you would bind by replacing "uid=user Name,ou=Information Technology Team,ou=New Jersey,dc=ost,dc=srcorp,dc=com" with "[email protected]" - where useraccountname is the login ID and XXX is the domain your AD runs in ...

I have been cracking my head for this but still i can't think of any solution for this. If the administrator wants the user to be able to log on to any workstation, then he / she can check on the "log on to all computer" in the same screen.

I definitely don't want to add the AD server name into the list as this will give the user rights to login to the AD server. When my user has been set to "log on to all computer", i don't encounter the error message i.e.

When using a Sun VM, you can increase the size of the permanent generation memory.

The default maximum is 64 megabytes, but more may be needed depending on your plug-in configuration and use.

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I tested it first with the LDAP Browser\Editor v2.8.2 by Derek Gawor, which is good tool. Can you please tell how you tested it and how it got resolved?

If an out of memory error occurs while running the modeler please increase the heap size available to Eclipse.

To do this edit the specifies the maximum Perm Gen size.

The application server has been joined to the same domain as the Active Directory server. In the active directory (version 2003), the administrator can actually limit the access of a particular user to a certain workstation.

My question is, is it a must that the Active Directory server name be added to the "log on to" list of that particular user in order for it to be authenticated by Active Directory. This can be set by putting the workstation host name or IP (which is allowed to accessed by the user) into a "log on to" list (at the user level).

I tested it first with the LDAP Browser\Editor v2.8.2 by Derek Gawor, which is good tool. Error code 49 is the equivalent of bad credentials at login.