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As mentioned earlier, GTA IV has all that the previous games had in regards to gameplay, but GTA IV’s greatest appeal is in the depth and emotional impact left by the story.

The game follows Niko Bellic's arrival to the United States, following the (laughably false) claims of wealth and luxury promised in letters from his cousin, Roman.

Roman then concludes the mission by revealing to Niko that the “special item” he had referred to when Niko rescued him was an engagement ring. The two of them take shelter in Bohan, where Niko finds he can be of some service to the locals, at first only Manny Escuela and Elizabeta Torres, Elizabeta introduces Niko to Playboy X and Patrick Mc Reary.

Working under Playboy X, Niko discovers that Playboy’s mentor, Dwayne Forge, has been recently released from prison.

Niko works under Faustin and Dimitri for a while, as they gradually drift apart, and Dimitri finally asks Niko to kill Faustin.

Niko chases Faustin through his club until a final confrontation on the roof.

Roman’s gambling addiction landed him in debt to loan shark Vlad.

Roman has a girlfriend called Mallorie, who introduces Niko to Michelle and who Roman suspects to be sleeping with Vlad.

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Grand Theft Auto IV offers all of that and more in a revamped style, that looks more lifelike than previous titles.

Faustin claims that has made Dimitri greedy and that he will betray Niko as well. Afterwards Dimitri requests Niko meet him at a warehouse to receive his payment.