Revalidating windows

11-Oct-2017 09:06

The corporate offices are using Linux and finds it more productive than any other alternatives.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSC) which provides means for buyers and sellers in order to trade shares of stock in companies registered for public trading relies solely on Linux.

The Traffic controlling system in most of the countries be it Road Traffic or Air Traffic Linux proved to be the best than any other available alternative.

When it comes to Nuclear Ambitious projects, Linux is the best option.

Most of you would not be knowing that there are Linux Powered Watches in the market, already. True, you all know that Linux is powering Mobile Phones, Tablets and Kindle.

If the news is true, Nokia is all set to come with its First Android based Mobile (Though the decision of Nokia is too late and Nokia has paid for this and still paying).

Google, an American based multinational company, the services of which includes search, cloud computing and online advertising technologies runs on Linux.

Twitter, famous online social networking and micro-blogging site that is Powered by nix.

Tiny machines to Gaint Supercomputers are powered by Linux. Here in this article we would be discussing some of those Linux powered devices and company running them.The Wikipedia, PIZZA Hut, Aviation industry, Parliaments of countries like France are using Linux.When it comes to work in distributed system, multi-user supported system, the only thing that comes to mind is the Nix.Facebook, one of the most famous and most widely used Social Networking service runs on the same platform.

An American based international company which deals with International Online Retailing is in the list of Linux powered Company.All train tracking, maintenance, scheduling and controlling is Linux based.

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