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09-Aug-2017 02:20

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I found love over 40 which is why I know in my heart you can find love too. I'm Ronnie Ann Ryan The Dating Coach and have 14 years experience helping thousands of women find the magic of love.

Ryan and Kelly have had a strained relationship, since the two have opposite personalities.

In addition to being an internationally-known Dating Coach, I'm also a professional speaker, workshop leader and the author of .

I've worked with thousands of single women to transform their love lives and help them find the amazing man they dream of.

Once Pam returned from New York, Ryan returned to the annex to share the nook with Kelly.

Shortly afterwards, Ryan left Dunder Mifflin and Kelly again ("to go to Thailand"), returning months later to work with Michael at his new paper company.

Actors Dean Cain and Ryan Eggold (who are both single) field questions from TODAY staff and viewers alike about their dating do’s and don’ts.