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2016 Season Advanced to the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs for the fourth consecutive season, progressing to the TOUR Championship each time. 7 position in the Fed Ex Cup standings and finished T17 at East Lake to end his season No.

9 in the Fed Ex Cup standings (the best finish by a defending Fed Ex Cup champion). Of those, four were top-five showings, including wins at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions and the DEAN & DELUCA Invitational.

There are two of them, the Abbot will escort the Captain and Tuvok to the planet.

Ambassador Tomin will stay aboard Voyager and receive the full tour conducted by Neelix.

It contains a log of the events in Paris' and Torres' relationship, ranging from couple's quarreling to "intimate relations." After reading the latter, Torres threatens Seven with physical harm. In the captain's ready room, Janeway discusses the incident with Seven of Nine.

She is running at peak efficiency, but he asks her about the mess hall incident.

He suggests that she begin dating, in order to broaden her horizons and insight into Humanity.

Once Seven accepts The Doctor's proposal, he proceeds to nominate himself to be her educator.

She pauses from the conversation to comment on Seven's presence.

Neelix approaches offering cheese he has prepared for the Kadi, who are offended by anything that differs from their standard blandness.

Using various holodeck simulations he will prepare her for emotional interactions.

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