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Finally, in a whisper so soft I could barely make out her words, “I can’t believe it is you, Jenny.” “Did you have no idea? “No, although based on the past week, I guess it makes sense,” she said, still dazed. ” I explained, “This may be hard to believe, but I found a Mistress and she opened up a whole new world to me.” Miss Morgan still looked completely out of her comfort zone. She took a nervous sip of her coffee, “Who is your Mistress?” I smiled, I was pretty sure I had her, “Well my main Mistress is a neighbour of mine, Mistress Megan.” I paused, making sure she was listening when I announced my other Mistress.Even though I was pretty confident she felt the same way I did, how does one know for sure?Especially under the circumstances we began our relationship, me a cheerleading sub and all. These questions spun in my head like a tilt-a-wheel until I thought I might be sick.I ordered my drink and bought one for Miss Morgan as well, and sat down at an open booth where I could see Miss Morgan when she arrived, if she arrived. And at Miss Morgan, dressed in a pretty, but conservative, blue dress and black pantyhose walked in the door.She surveyed the room and stopped, face aghast, when she saw me.Not to mention, even if we did start a taboo lesbian relationship, I already had not one but two Mistresses. I grabbed a fruit smoothie and a muffin, and sat down to read and relax.I wasn't three pages in when I heard a voice I knew.

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Note 1: I recommend you read parts 1-3 to know the complete story of Jenny from shy, nervous in the closet lesbian to submissive, sexy cheerleader and seductress.

Attempting to push the envelope, aggressive even for me, I offered, “If you wish me to show my true loyalty to you Miss Morgan, I will crawl under the table and please you right here, right now.” “Oh Jenny,” she said, flushed, “Stop that.” “Am I making you wet? She didn’t answer as I allowed my foot to slide up a bit more, now under her dress. “Oh my God,” she blurted, looking up, “Did I really say that? She reread the entire conversation before finally speaking. " When Miss Morgan didn’t answer, I moved my foot so it was touching her panty-covered crotch.

“Ok Jenny, I did say that, but it was role play and I had no idea I was talking to an actual student.” My foot moved to within an inch of her pussy. "I, um, we can't, we just can't." To my surprise, she stood up and apologized, "Sorry, Jenny, I just can't do this." Before I could respond, Miss Morgan hastily made her retreat.

If I bought every book I wanted to read, I would never have any money. It was about a time in the future, where when you turn eighteen you have an operation to prevent a disease... It sounded interesting and different from other novels, plus I was definitely struggling with the word LOVE.

I loved my time with Mistress Megan, I loved my one time at the Le Chateau Club, I loved the attention I got at school now, I loved being submissive to Karen and I loved the thrill of the chase with Miss Morgan, even if I did fail.I looked deep into her eyes, “My school Mistress, the one responsible for my sudden popularity is....” “Karen,” she whispered, putting two and two together. ” “Just thinking about the week and how odd you were acting and I recalled Karen’s smirks,” Miss Morgan reflected.