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Also a County Sheriff, Counter-Terrorism Analyst and Key Contacts of 8 newspapers in the State of Texas.

Subject: Dream/Vision Revealed Eric, For those that are not familiar with our work we invite you to read the entry ‘Terrorism, Violence and the FBI’ (17th entry from the top) listed on the Current Events page of our website

Their vain imaginations and their foolish heart has created a whole new problematic world order in the last few decades, that is reaching unparalleled levels that are now irreversible. The sons of God have come for the pulling down of this world's (Satan's) strongholds, i.e.

), in the hope that God will manifest Himself in such a way, that the people, including Officials at the FBI and the President, will come to know that God sent us with a message of truth (John ).Since the Church Massacre took place in the State of Texas we decided to make Eric Jackson our key contact as part of our continuing story.